May 11th, 2001

Danger Mouse

Work "party".

Today, the company is putting on some sort of party for the employees, in thanks for the success of the z/OS and z Series mainframes, and for shipping them on time.

It looks like it'll go for around 4 hours or so, and should be a fun time.
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Wrong. Totally wrong.

You know, every once in a while you come across something which is just so wrong you're not even sure what to think. This is one of those things.

(Thanks to ntang for the link. Or, rather, blame him for it.)
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Danger Mouse

Company parties rock at IBM.

Okay, I have to give props to IBM. They throw a hell of a party.

I just got back from spending my entire Friday afternoon (and most of the morning) at a company party congratulating everyone for their work on the zSeries mainframes released last December.

They had a copious amount of food ranging from hot dogs to turkey and roast beef, along with pasta, salad, and more. They also had half a dozen different types of wine and a dozen or so kegs of various types of beer.

There were around 15-20 video games, half of them virtual reality games, a whole bunch of pinball games, a couple of pool and fooseball tables, and around 2500 people in attendance

The band they had playing was decent, and the music dancing chicks were hot. ;-)

We should have more Fridays at work like this. <g>
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