May 8th, 2001

Danger Mouse

The lizard returns.

I saw the post on announcing the release of Mozilla 0.9.

For kicks, I figured I'd grab it and see how it's doing.

I'm impressed. Seriously impressed. Mozilla has been getting better and better with each release, but this one really rocks. It still uses a good bit of memory (Like there's any full featured browser that doesn't (And please don't mention Konqueror or Opera because I've used both, and neither provide the same level of HTML/CSS/JavaScript support that Mozilla does. . . their good and lightweight, but they're not perfect) but it's really lost that sluggish feel it's had in the past. Even opening new windows and starting up is nice and quick.

If Netscape had a little more patience, this is about where they would have considered forking for Netscape 6. And, had they done that, I think they would have gotten much more favorable reviews.

At this point, I don't think anyone would have much trouble using this as their primary web browser.
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