May 4th, 2001

Frog Wizard

Return to stupidity.

It happened again last night.

I'm not quite sure how I let it happen, but I did.

I really thought I was over it, too. I thought I'd beaten it.

I was wrong.

After watching a movie last night, and finishing at around 11pm, I decided it was about time for bed. So I went to bed. Except, I didn't go to sleep. Oh, no. Not yet. I decided I'd read, just for a few minutes, and then sleep. Fifteen minutes or so is all I'd planned. You see, I just picked up a new book by Dave Duncan, one of the most amazing and under-rated SF/Fantasy authors I know, and I wanted to get a few pages into it before sleep.

At midnight, I had realized that it was time to sleep. At 1am, I was wondering why I was still awake, and decided then that I was just about to go to sleep. At 2am, I decided I was an idiot. and I should have gone to sleep 3 hours ago.

At 3am, some 300 odd pages later, I turned off my light and went to sleep.

I wonder, is massive stupidity such as this hereditary? Did I get this from my parents? Or is this just a natural talent of mine? Admittedly, I do seem to practice it regularly, but still. . . it seems sometimes like I have a supernatural capacity for sheer stupidity.

So be it.
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Frog Wizard

Renaissance Faire.

Okay, I found out where the Ren Faire is, and I'm definitely going this weekend. Anyone who happens to live in mid-state New York and wants to join me[1], let me know. <g>

I just need to decide if I wanna go Saturday or Sunday now, though.

[1] Yes, I know, the chances of someone living near me being on my friends list is rather low to start with, and to think that they might want to spend a day with me is nearly preposterous. It's supposed to be funny. Laugh.
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