April 18th, 2001

Lord Yupa

Concert news.

Looks like I'm gonna be busy with concerts over the next few weeks.

I just discovered, much to my delight, that Fates Warning and Savatage are going to be playing here this Saturday. Very cool, and a great unexpected surprise.

Also, I recently found out that Everclear will be here on April 29th, which is cool. I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but they'll be playing all of a mile from me, so I figure I'll check it out.

Last, the one I've been eagerly awaiting, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones will be here on May 23rd, which ought to be a fun time. Those guys are just plain cool. ;-)
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Pedantic HTML comment.

FONT tag considered harmful!

Many filters from word-processing packages, and also some HTML authoring tools, generate HTML code which is completely contrary to the design goals of the language. What they do is to look at a document almost purely from the point of view of layout, and then mimic that layout in HTML by doing tricks with FONT, BR and   (non-breaking spaces). HTML documents are supposed to be structured around items such as paragraphs, headings and lists. Yet some of these documents barely have a paragraph tag in sight!

The problem comes when the content of pages needs to be updated, or given a new layout, or re-cast in XML (which is now to be the new mark-up language). With proper use of HTML, such operations are not difficult, but with a muddle of non-structural tags it's quite a different matter; maintenance tasks become impractical. To correct pages suffering from injudicious use of FONT, try the HTML Tidy program, which will do its best to put things right and generate better and more manageable HTML.

-- World Wide Web Consortium, HyperText Markup Language, Guidelines
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New Friend.

Yesterday, while playing with stuff I prolly shouldn't have been playing with, I came across a most pleasant surprise. I'd been randomly friended by saerlaithe.

Upon seeing this, I immediately conducted the intense and thorough inspection I give everyone before considering whether I want to add them as a friend (consisting of a minimum of 30 seconds glancing at their userinfo, and no less than 2 minutes of skimming their journal).

Suffice to say, saerlaithe looks to be a very cool person, and I had to add her to my friends list. ;-)
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