April 17th, 2001



Work has become more frustrating than fun, and I dislike that greatly.

Oh, shoot. An additional annoyance, I just realized I grabbed the wrong book to read over lunch. (Two book set, both are same color, same appearance, only external difference is one word on the title.) Which means lunch will be boring today.

Hrm, perhaps I should call my roommate and see if he wants to go out for lunch.
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Lord Yupa

Proof that Unix developers have a sense of humor.

root@zyp:/usr/local/src/lsof_4.55# make install
Please write your own install rule.  Lsof should be installed
setuid to root if you wish any lsof user to be able to examine
all open files.  Your install rule actions might look something
like this:
     install -m 4xxx -o root -g  ${PROG} ${BIN}
     install -m 444 ${MAN} ${DOC}
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