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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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April 11th, 2001

Lord Yupa

Mentioned in article.

Okay, this is just *too* cool, so I had to post this. ;-)

I was searching for something of mine, and I couldn't remember where I'd posted it. So, I did a search on myself. One of the links that came up is a LinuxWorld/ZDNet article that quotes me.

The quote comes from a talk on Open Source given by Eric Raymond at the LinuxWorld Expo in New York City two months ago.

So, anyway, the article is here. ;-)
Lord Yupa

New Toy!

I ordered a digital camera today. ;-)

I ended up going for the Kodak DC4800. Originally, I was leaning towards the lower model under this, but the price on this one keeps dropping, and there's a $100 rebate on it.

As it stands right now, I can get it for only a few dollars more than the DC3400, and it has a *lot* more features and higher resolution.

New User Pic!

In honor of Easter[1], I've gotten myself a new user pic. ;-)

My thanks to petfish for helping me out with it on short notice, since I can't access a PC with any picture editing tools right now, and I'm on a dial-up. She rocks. ;-)

[1] If anyone is offended at me using the Playboy Bunny for an "Easter" user pic, you have my apology, and my condolences. I'm sorry that such a stupid little thing as my choice of user pic manages to offend you. It's supposed to be funny. Laugh.