April 4th, 2001

Lord Yupa

Amusing quote.

I just saw this in a comment on LinuxToday:
I don't know how many years I provided free support for Windows. Now I provide my friends with free support for Linux, and feel much better about it. For one thing, no one ever starts out with "I was just typing along when suddenly..." anymore. :^)

I'm amused. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

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Shamelessly ripped off from shadowrose. ;-)

This is what happens when you get really bored. ;-)

Physical appearance

What do you most like about your body? - My overall size. I'm a big guy. ;-)
And least - This would be a toss-up. I'm not fat yet, but I'm not in as good of shape as I used to be, and my hair is occasionally annoying.
How many fillings do you have - I dunno, a couple.
Do you think you're good looking - Not particularly. I'm not bad looking, but I'm a bit "rough" to be good looking.
Do other people - I would guess most people would agree with my assessment above.
What do you sound like - I guess I sound like me. I'm not sure how to describe my voice.


Do you wear a watch - Not exactly. My cell phone tells me what time it is, and I often carry a pocket watch, but I don't wear a wrist watch.
How many coats and jackets do you own - Probably about 4.
Favorite pants/skirt color - Mostly dark or earthy colors.
Favorite top/shirt color - Mostly dark or earthy colors, but it varies by my mood.
Most expensive item of clothing - Counting coats, my duster was $150. Not counting that, I've got one dress shirt that wasn't cheap.
Most treasured - My comfortable stuff.
Boots or shoes - Sandals. ;-)
Scruffy or smart -Both, depending on mood. I regularly hit both extremes.

Your personality (general)

Extrovert or introvert - I'm something of an extroverted introvert. I have no problem being by myself, and enjoy it, but I also like to go out and do stuff.
Are you confident - At what point does confidence become arrogance?
Do you like yourself - Yes.
Are you popular - I'm not unpopular, usually.
Are you good academically - When I put forth any effort.
What do you have a really good knowledge of - Computers and technology.
Are you good at games which rely on intellect- Usually
Fictional character you are most like - Gerald Tarrant
Things friends say to you the most - "Smartass!"
Can you speak another language - I can manage a bit of Spanish.

Your personality (specific)

Are you moody - Slightly, though you'd prolly not notice it.
Use five words to describe what you feel inside - Passion, Determination, Patience, Hope, Faith
Do people know how you feel - Rarely.
What would you change about your personality - I don't know.
Are you perceived wrongly - Often. My sense of humor lends itself to misunderstanding for those not seeking it's subtlety
What drives you - Dreams.
Worst fault - Too many to list.

Your friends

Do your friends know you - Few of them do.
What do they tend to be like - Creative, unusual, independent.
Are there traits in you that are universally liked - My sense of humor.
Few friends or many acquaintances - Few friends.
Can you count on them - Yes.
Can they count on you - Yes.


Are you good at it - I like to think so. And, I have always enjoyed it.
Have you ever been criticized about your performance - No.
What does it for you in a sex partner - Depends on my mood, but creativity is good.
Favorite parts of partners body during sex- Everything.


Favorite bands ever - Too many to list.
Most listened to bands currently - Too many again.
Can you play an instrument - I can strum out a cord or two on the guitar.
Type of music listened to - Everything, but rarely country or rap.
Type never listened to - I think I've tried just about everything.
Books - *Way* too many to list.
Films - I'm a movie buff, there's way too many to list.
Tv Shows - Sports Night, The West Wing, That 70's Show, Simpsons, Critic, Family Guy

Ooh, that's all of 'em. ;-)
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