March 24th, 2001

Lord Yupa

Evening entertainment.

I finally made my way over to the coffee house across town.

It's a really nice little place, a cozy little place. The coffee was pretty good, and the atmosphere was nice.

Additionally, it seems they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The girl that played tonight was pretty good.

Overall, it was a good time. I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time there, from now on. ;-)
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Danger Mouse

One of the most addictive games ever.

Today I was introduced to one of the most frustratingly addictive games I've ever played.

It's called "Bridge Builder".

It's cheesy, simple, and an utter black hole for time. I killed about 5 hours with it this afternoon. Basically, you have to build a bridge across a "gap" of water. You have to set up your supports in such a way that they can structurally support the train crossing.

It's got a pretty impressive "physics engine", in my opinion. It takes some real work supporting some of the bridges. ;-)

Oh, yeah, and the more 'points' you have, the more weight. Remember that. ;-)
If you're looking for something to do, you want to try this. It's really small, takes moments to set up and learn, and I promise, you'll enjoy it. ;-)

The homepage is here.

The game itself (all 122kb) is here.

It requires Windows 95/98/00, and DirectX 6+.
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