March 18th, 2001

Danger Mouse

Should I be worried?

* dev/#rafters snorts at HornyButt for no apparent reason
<StarThorn> Erm?
<dev> you'll see :P
* StarThorn grfs in NerdyButt's general direction for a fairly apparent
<StarThorn> I thought there was no reason? ;-p
<dev> no *apparent* reason :P
<dev> tsk
<StarThorn> Bleh, you suck. ;-p
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Lord Yupa

Old computer.

Well, I spent a few hours working on my old computer (the old Linux box) in an attempt to diagnose all the things I screwed up before I moved, and to see about fixing them.

One thing to note, is that it is a whole lot harder to fix problems when you don't have Internet access. This is the first time I've ever regretted not putting a modem in that box. Although, Internet access via a modem is hardly worth it anyway. I'm considering getting myself the cheapest token ring adaptor I can find, and taking my box in to work to fix.

I think a good 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' would likely solve a number of my problems. ;-)

And, even if it doesn't fix anything, it'd make me feel better. ;-)

It would also make me feel a little more sure about shipping it back home to it's static IP.
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Lord Yupa

Why token ring?

A frequent question I've gotten in the past couple days, is why I keep mentioning that I need token ring adaptors (both PCMCIA for my new laptop, and PCI/ISA for my old linux box).

The reason is that I work for IBM, the creator, and last hold-out of token ring. Although, honestly, I think the main reason it's still used so much is that so many of the buildings were extensively wired for token ring, and they've got so much token ring hardware, that it seems pointless not to use it.
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