March 10th, 2001

Lord Yupa

Shopping. [Updated]

Well, instead of just getting up and moving[1] my car this morning, as intended, I went out and bought some food.

I picked up some bagels and muffins, for breakfast, as well as some liquid refreshment and munchies.

I think I'm gonna go watch Love and a .45 in a bit. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie, should really check it out. If you like Tarentino movies, or liked Natural Born Killers, you'll prolly love Love and a .45. (I found it far superior to Natural Born Killers, though it didn't have the same budge, star power, or hype.)

[1] D'Oh! I forgot to include my footnote earlier. The reason I have to move my car at 9am this morning, is because I live on an amazingly stupid street where parking is allowed on alternate sides, on a daily basis. Which means that every morning at 9am, it becomes illegal to park on the side of the street that was legal 5 minutes ago, and you have to park on the other side. Normally this isn't that big of a deal, since I'm at work by then, but Saturdays it blows.
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Lord Yupa

Amusements from the opposite sex.

Well, I mentioned the other day that I might try talking to the waitress who recently started working at the diner down the street from me.

Last night, I went over to try to talk to her. Unfortunately, I ended up sitting on the opposite side of the restaurant from her, so I never got the chance. On the plus side, however, I think the waitress I did have (who wasn't as cute as the other, but was still very cute, and seemed very nice) was hitting on me.

I was reading a book while I waited for my food, and she made frequent trips over to ensure that everything was okay for me. Then, when I was finished, she came over and chatted with me for a few minutes, asked me how my book was (I'd just started it, so I was unable to say much on it), and then said I'd have to stop by again soon, to let her know how it is.

Now, perhaps some of you girls out there can help me a bit, was she actually hitting on me? Or was it my imagination? My past experience generally leaves me working really hard to catch the attention of a girl who is ignoring me, and in general, I do not get hit on. . . so I'm not entirely sure about it. ;-)
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Danger Mouse

Awesome flashlights.

A couple weeks ago, I bought a Photon Micro-Light flashlight. These are nifty little things, barely larger than a quarter, using an ultra-bright LED and long lasting lithium batteries.

First thing I'll say, is despite the claims, I was really impressed with how bright these things are. They're powerful, especially for their size.

Because of how small they are, I've taken to carrying mine[1] in my pocket. Mostly, it was for amusement value. These things are a lot of fun to play with. However, you also never know when you'll need a flashlight.

Well, tonight it happened. I was walking into the bathroom, went to turn on the light, and nothing happened. When the light is out in the bathroom, it is pitch black in there, and I wasn't amused (I had to go rather badly;-). Then I remember my flashlight, pulled it out, and life was good.

These things seem a little expensive at first (Almost $20 each), but trust me, they're worth it. The battery life on them is really impressive, they look cool, and they're essentially indestructable. They even come with a lifetime guarantee. If they stop working for any reason other than dead battery, the manufacturer will replace them free of charge.

They also make, I've discovered, great geek gifts. ;-)

If anyone is considering getting one of these, this is a good page to check out, specifically their photographs of each color being displayed.

Now if they'd only come out with a violet one. ;-)

If you're wondering, yes, I think these things are really freakin' cool. ;-)

[1] I purchased a red and a green Photon II light. I got the red, even though it's less bright than most of the others, becuase of the 120 hour (that's 5 full days) of use battery life, and because it doesn't disturb night vision, making it useful in the car and hiking, when you want to keep good visibility. I got the green because I like green, and it supposedly has a longer battery life than the other 'bright' colors. I'm considering getting a blue and/or turquoise soon, too. ;-)
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