March 8th, 2001

Lord Yupa

Happy Birthdays. ;-)

We've got two birthdays going on today. The first one belongs to someone I didn't even know was on LiveJournal, linchiq. Her name is Misty, and she used to come around SorceryNet once in a while. She's a sweety. ;-)

Additionally, it looks like shudder2think is also enjoying a birthday today.

Happy Birthday, girls. ;-)
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Lord Yupa


I'm in the process of becoming a Debian developer, and the program I was going to package for Debian got swiped right before I started packaging it. If it hadn't been for moving, which delayed this whole process 2 months, I'd have had it no problem.

Now I have to find something else I'm interested in packaging.

This sucks. ;-p
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Lord Yupa

Updated Laptop News.

Hrm. This is really odd.

When I ordered my laptop from Dell, it said that the final price was $2518, plus S&H, plus applicable taxes. It estimated the S&H + Tax to be about $65, giving me a grand total of around $2590.

They said that the actual 'final' price would be communicated to me via e-mail within the next 1-3 days. . .

I just got the order confirmation e-mail. The final price is $2405.

I'm feeling very puzzled. However, I also have absolutely no desire at all to argue. <g>
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