March 3rd, 2001

Danger Mouse

The joy of birthdays. . .

Wow, we've got two birthdays happening today.

First of all, everyone say happy birthday to starlazdaze. She's a sweety, and deserves some birthday butt pinches. <g>

Next up, we've got TazzlePuff! Everyone give him a sloppy wet smooch and tweak his nipples for his birthday. ;-)
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Danger Mouse

Ego check. . .

Well, I suppose it's about that time again. My ego is starting to swell, and I need to do something to smash it back down to where it belongs.

To that end, I think I'm going to hit on a girl that works at the diner down the street from me tonight. I've seen her there a couple of times since she recently started, and she seems really nice. She's also really cute.

I'll let you all know how badly I crash and burn later, prolly. ;-)
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