February 20th, 2001

Lord Yupa


It's been a movie week at my home recently.

First of all, neither of my roommates have seen most of the good 80's movies. So, I've been kind enough to introduce them to the best. We started off with Better Off Dead, the classic John Cusack movie. Then we continued with One Crazy Summer, the not-quite-a-sequel written and directed by the same guy, and also starring Cusack. We looked for The Sure Thing and Say Anything, but neither were immediately available in any local video store. So, I shifted gears and dug up Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Needless to say, all of them have gone over really well with my roommates, so far. ;-)

I've also been gradually introducing them to Anime, by breaking out a movie every other week or two. One of my roommates has proven more receptive of this than the other, but neither have objected.

Last night, for a change of pace, I picked up The 13th Floor. This is a great movie, and I'm only sorry it came out around the same time as The Matrix and was thus overshadowed by its hype and publicity. (I won't argue whether it's better than the Matrix or not, both are quality flicks.)

Tonight we'll be watching The Big Lebowski, another movie I like that my roommates haven't seen.

Ah, the joys of movies.
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