December 13th, 2000

Lord Yupa

Job/Move update.

Well, it looks like I'll be starting my job with IBM on January 8th. I'll be driving up to Poughkeepsie, New York, prolly on Jan. 3rd or so. It's about 24 hours of total drive time, so I'll prolly do it half and half, and spend the night somewhere between.

I'm actually a bit surprised. I've made the drive from Omaha to Seattle a couple of times, and it's about 1800 miles. I figured it was about the same from Omaha to New York, but it turns out that it's closer to 1250, so I'm feeling happy about that. ;-)

Well, some moron just posted a pathetic message at a MaximumLinux forum, so I'm gonna go rip the idiot apart. If you're going to rip on something, you really should know what you're talking about. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

*Very* Cool

Okay, this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a *long* time. (Thanks to EquusDeus for telling me 'bout this)

You *must* do this. ;-)

Open up a telnet client. If you're in Windows, click on the Start button, then go to Run..., then type in telnet and press Enter on your keyboard.

Now, that will open the telnet window. Next click on the Connect menu, and choose: Remote System.... That will pop up another little box, with three things in it.

In the top one, type in:

Now press the Connect button. ;-)

Okay, here you just want to type in starwars.

Then sit back and watch. This is just too cool. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Normal, Ohio

For those who haven't seen it, Normal, Ohio is a new Fox TV show starring John Goodman as a gay man. I've only seen it once before, and found it fairly amusing then. Now I'm considering catching it more often. ;-)

Amusing quote:
John Goodman's mother: We've made a donation at the church, and we now have a family pew!
John Goodman: Oh boy, the family's going to heaven for sure, now.
John Goodman's father: They have a special place in heaven for your people....they call it Hell.
John Goodman: Oooh, I hear it's warm there. I better go pack a thong.
John Goodman's father then makes a very pained face and groans.
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