December 4th, 2000

Lord Yupa

Color Quiz Thingy.

Okay, because everyone else is doing that stupid color quiz, I'm going to protest and ignore it. That's right, I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna read it, and I'm not gonna acknowledge it's existence beyond this post. Ha.
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Lord Yupa

Tech support.

Anyone who's worked tech support at an ISP knows how it is. Anyone who hasn't, this is one of the better write ups I've seen on it. You'll laugh, and think it's funny, but it's amazingly accurate.

This is what life is like at an ISP's tech support. Be scared. Be very very scared. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Good news on the job front.

I talked to Jeff, the guy at UNO's College of Information Science and Technology who set up the interviews with IBM. I mostly wanted to check up and find out whether it was still going to happen, or if I was gonna get screwed.

He said that he's been talking to the guy from IBM, but that my name hadn't been mentioned much at all the past week. Of course, at this point I braced myself for the bad news, thinking I was in fact screwed. After allowing me to sweat for a few moments, he then told me that the reason I hadn't been mentioned, is because I'd basically already been chosen. At this point, I decided I could breath again.

I guess what's going on, is there are three managers who make the decision on who to hire, one of them being the guy who interviewed me. It seems that they first choose who they want to hire, then decide which position they're going to assign them to, for sure. Me and one other person have already been selected, but I guess there's been some debating about the last person. It seems there are two people who are being discussed for it, and they're waiting for a final decision from one of the managers on him.

As soon as that last person is selected, we'll be contacted by IBM's human resources department to make things official. He said I could consider it akin to where I would be if were buying a car, and we'd just agreed on the price, the car, the options, everything, we shook hands, and all that was left was the formality of the paper. It's possible that it could still fall through, but very unlikely. (His analogy.)

So, I'm feeling happy again. ;-)
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