December 3rd, 2000

Lord Yupa

Odd dreams, of the partially topless variety.

I had one of my more unusual dreams last night...

Me and 4 of my friends were sitting in a room, me and two others on one couch, the other two sitting opposite us on lawn chairs.

I know we were inside, but the two people sitting on law chairs were reclined, and sunbathing. And there wasn't any sun lamps, they were just laying out in the sun...indoors. While that seems strange now, it seemed to make perfect sense when it happened.

One of them is a girl I know at school, and have something of an infatuation with. Her name is Jill. Oddly enough, she was topless. And very beautiful. I think there was someone else topless too, but it didn't register who it was.

I almost feel a bit ashamed at her being topless in my dream, although, I didn't really have any conscious control over it, so at least it wasn't intentional. Come to think of it, I'm planning on telling her about this journal, so I prolly shouldn't even mention this.

Oh, well.

It was odd, we were all making really stupid jokes, mostly of the "Two guys walk into a bar..." variety, then looking at a dog that was sitting on the couch, and then we all looked at a dog that was sitting there, and cracked up laughing. I'm not entirely sure why, though. It seemed natural at the time.

And then I woke up.
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