November 28th, 2000

Lord Yupa

The mystery is over.

Okay, I've been hearing about this mysterious 'shrew' person for quite a while. And now, it's happened. It's finally happened. She added me as a friend!

So, I sent to check her out. (Yeah, that's right. ;-)

And, she's very cool. I couldn't help myself, I had to immediately add her to my friends list, too. So, everyone say hi to shrew! ;-)
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Lord Yupa

And another friend.

Okay, a few minutes ago, I got a very curious e-mail. It went like this:


I ran across your livejournal... and would like to add you as a 'friend'... so, I figured I'd email and ask. Just seems polite, ya know. :)


Linda aka Melesse

Now, that is polite. How can you refuse something like that? Well, you can't, really, because even if you do, they can just add you anyway. However, that's just too cool, so I of course said yes, and then added Melesse to my friends list, as well. ;-)
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