November 25th, 2000

Lord Yupa

Funny comment!

Okay, this is just too funny.

Some of you may have read my 'review' of Charlie's Angels yesterday. Well, someone has posted a comment about my review, and this is just so funny, I have to share it with you. The comment, and review, are here.

Now, when I wrote that review, I honestly thought I made it fairly humorous, and made the sexist comments obvious and sarcastic enough to be funny. I guess this just goes to show that there are still people out there who are "just don't get it". I'm positive this comment was posted by some humor impaired prissy girl who no doubt finds me to be an absolutely horrible, slimy, sexist pig of a man.

And they couldn't even be bothered to back up their insults with a username. No, it's gotta be anonymous. You know, in a way, I'm almost offended by that. I mean, if you are going to insult me the very least you could do is put some real effort into it. Simple name calling is so pathetic. Does no one understand the art of the insult, the quality that belongs in a good flame?

Ahh, sometimes I wonder what this world is coming too.

Is it odd that I get more irritated with the fact that I was insulted poorly, than I am with the fact that I was insulted in the first place?

If they'd picked apart my review, pointed out how I was sexist, or even just used some colorful expletives, it wouldn't bother me at all. But the fact that their insult was so pathetically really does sorta irritate me. If you're going to do something, do it well.
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Lord Yupa

New friend.

Very cool news. It looks like KrystelFlame has come around and decided to sign up for LiveJournal. KF is one of the coolest people on SorceryNet so even though she hasn't posted any entries yet, you want to add her to your friends list. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Happy Birthday [Part II]

Okay, everyone's favorite GrumpyButt, Chase, has her birthday listed as 11/25/2000. I'm rather certain she wasn't born this year, however, the date might be accurate.

So, I'm sending out happy birthday wishes to GrumpyButt! You're welcome to come over any time for your birthday spanking, GrumpyButt. <g>
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Lord Yupa

Another new friend.

It looks like she actually joined a while ago, but for some reason LoveKitten didn't bother to tell anyone about it. ;-)

KittyChick here is another Sweety from SorceryNet. Everyone say hello and check her out. <g>
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Lord Yupa

The amazing unfingerable petfish?

*Ryo-Ohki already finished Nerdi
mtffm: Someone just called my hair beautiful. *blush*
Ryo-Ohki: she's unfingerable!
dev: Tad: it is
dev: er, wha?
Ryo-Ohki: finger
Ryo-Ohki: []
Ryo-Ohki: finger: read: Connection refused
dev: guess I'm not interested, eh cabbit?

Or is she?

*mtffm wiggles his fingers at ned.
dev: try :P
*dev pounces the finger and bites it
mtffm: That's not how it works!
dev: don't wave fingers at psychotic pocket-sized kittens :P

Wow. I think. ;-)
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