November 15th, 2000

Lord Yupa

Good movie.

I just finished watching Frequency. I must say, it is a very good movie.

There were a few parts that I felt were a bit slow, but overall, I'm impressed. Especially towards the end, it really got good.

I also rented an early 1999 Christopher Lambert movie, called Beowulf, mostly just because I think Christopher Lambert rocks. ;-)

It's supposed to be something of a sorta modern/futuristic version of the classic tale. And, I bet the writer and director even think that their view of how Beowulf should be is good. Unfortunately, it's a bad movie. It's low budget, it's cheesy, and about the only thing worthwhile in it is Christopher Lambert. He does a decent job, although some parts of the dialog can't be saved. Oh, it also has the guy who played Mac on Night Court, for those of you who remember that classic comedy. ;-)

On the whole, you'd be better off either reading the story, or seeing one of Christopher Lambert's better movies. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Netscape 6

Hrm I went to Netscape's website today, and I downloaded Netscape 6. I've made it a point to use it all day to give it a fair chance.

In some ways, I'm impressed. It seems to be a fairly solid web browser, pretty much all the features you'd expect in a modern browser are there. I've been running it for hours now, without a crash yet, which is impressive because I usually have anywhere from 6-16 Netscape windows opened at any given time. Page rendering also seems to be fast and impressive.

However, in other ways, I'm disappointed. Anyone who's used Mozilla M18 will prolly agree that it seems at least as good as Netscape 6, and in a great many ways, it feels more polished. Netscape 6 leaves me with the feeling of being very good, having a lot of potential, but still being somewhat immature. Over all, I find Mozilla to be a better browser right now.

Also, while page rendering is fast and impressive, moving between windows, or utilizing menu choices and options still seems slow and clunky, often times even more so than in Mozilla, which seems bad.

My honest opinion is that Netscape 6 is a preview of how good this *could* be, and we'll really see for ourselves how good it is when Mozilla 1.0 is released in another 3-5 months. I get the feeling they're running Mozilla based on where it's actually at, as opposed to marketing or legal pressures. For this reason, I think the Mozilla group will keep from releasing Mozilla 1.0 until they are sure it's ready.

Will I use it? At least somewhat, yes. On my Windows box, it might even become my primary browser, although it still has some problems, so I'll keep Netscape 4.76 handy. On my Linux box, I'll prolly run the Mozilla releases more often than Netscape 6 (I might not even install NS6). As it is now, though, I'm more impressed with Mozilla, and find it to be a better browser. Perhaps when 6.1 is released I'll be satisfied with it.

No, actually, I'm pretty sure I won't be. I suppose I'm just a jerk that way. ;-)
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