November 13th, 2000

Lord Yupa

To love or hate....myself?

Well, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about myself right now.

Tonight, my best friend's sorta-kinda-semi-girlfriend-thingy, who works at a department store, invited us to the 'friends and family' appreciation night. Basically, her and two people she invites get an additional 10% off anything they choose to buy. For her, that means she gets a total of 30% off, because employees already get 20% off. Did I mention this is on top of any sale that's already going on? A great many things were already 25%-30% off. ;-)

Which means, of course, that we had her buy all of our stuff for us.

Now, this is where I'm trying to decide whether to be angry with myself, or be proud of myself. You see, I spent $115 tonight.

And, as those of you who have been reading my journal since I first started, you'll know that I quit my job about 5 weeks ago now. And, I just received my last paycheck from my previous employer last week. This means I no longer have any income until I manage to get things worked out.

Now, spending $115 that I might really need soon, is a bad thing. However, I did well in my shopping exploits. I managed to get myself two pairs of jeans, four general shirts, two t-shirts, two really nice dress shirts, and a sweater. Not too shabby, for $115, if I do say so myself.

I actually tried to put two of them back. Made a real effort at it. One was a nifty brushed cotton rib-knit shirt that was on clearance, for $6, prior to the employee discount. The other was a rayon/cotton mix t-shirt, very cool, for $8, pre-discount.

I tried to put them back.

I tried really hard.

Sometimes, you just have to accept your failures.
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