November 9th, 2000

Lord Yupa

Another day...

My car broke down on me this morning.

On my way to a job interview.

With an IBM representative who's only in town for today.

Today didn't start nearly as well as I had hoped it would.

Actually, it could have been a lot worse. I managed to get a ride out to the University, where the IBM guy was going interviews, and only ended up 20 minutes late. Of course, interviews are scheduled for 30 minutes, which means I had less than 10 minutes when I got there. However, luck struck then. The guy who's interview was after mine, had cancelled. So, I took his. ;-)

The interview went really well. The guy is interviewing for three Co Op positions, of which two of them interest me. The first deals with porting applications to and from OS/390 (IBM Mainframes) and Linux. The second deals with technical writing and documentation. Both would be a lot of fun. Oh, by the way, they're both in New York state, too. ;-)

I guess we'll see what happens. It does present a slight problem for me, though. I've interviewed for a couple of other jobs recently, and if I get offered one, I'm not sure what I'll do. If I get the IBM opportunity, I don't want to miss it. But, I also don't want to miss out on another job, and then not get the IBM one. Grf. ;-/
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