November 8th, 2000

Lord Yupa


Bush got Florida. Game over.

Looks like Nader didn't get his 5%. That blows. Even though he wouldn't be my first choice for President, I *really* think a third party would be a Good Thing (tm) for our country.
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Lord Yupa

Job News.

Well, I interviewed for a rather interesting looking job, today.

The official title, at least from the posting, is "Internet Research / Project Plans Assistant" Intern.

Basically, I'd be alike a technical assistant to the VP of E-Business for them. (Them being Precision Industries, Inc.)

It sounds like it'd be a mostly fun job, if somewhat unusual and unorthodox. Provided they are willing to pay a decent wage, I'll prolly take it if offered.

Got another interview tomorrow morning, this one for an internship with IBM, in New York. I'll post more info tomorrow, after the interview.
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Lord Yupa

Changing history?

I just found a most interesting entry here with an interesting idea on how to change the election. Specifically, it mentions that half the states have no law requiring electoral college members to vote for the candidate their 'supposed' to. And, of the 25 that do, most of them just make it a $1000 fine (misdemeanor). He's suggesting we try to convince these people to vote as we want them to.

Give it a read. Agree or not, it's an interesting piece.
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