November 1st, 2000

Lord Yupa

The move out.

Well, the 'breakup' went a little different than planned, but over all, it went okay.

Eric, Jen's fiance, was in class. So, what we did was move all of her stuff out to her new apartment, and she left a note telling him she needed some time and space, and that she'd talk to him soon.

She felt this was the safest and best way to do things, since he's been irritable and near-violent lately, I guess.

We got everything moved, and life is good. The only two sticking parts were when her cat got out, and the end.

When her cat got out, we ended up spending a whole lot of time looking for her, only to find that she hadn't actually gotten out, we just assumed so because the door was opened. In actuality, the cat was hiding under a bed. Fun.

The other rough spot was on our last trip, when Jen was doing her final walk through, and then writing the goodbye letter, she had a minor emotional breakdown. I'm not sure, but I think that might have been her first real big cry, and I think she needed it. After holding her in a six minute hug, she pulled herself together, and we left her old apartment, and ex-fiance, behind for the last time.

Oh, yeah, and her new apartment is a third floor apartment. I really hate stairs.
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Lord Yupa

Job Woes.

Well, it seems the job search continues.

I just got word back on that position with First Data that I really wanted. It seems I was a top candidate for that position. Unfortunately, they've changed the position. They're now looking for a Sr. System Administrator, with a 5-7 years experience. Nice.

Looks like it's back to the drawing board. If anyone knows of a company looking for a System Administrator with 1-3 years experience, preferably doing Unix, in the Omaha area, let me know. ;-)
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