October 22nd, 2000

Lord Yupa


A good friend of mine, although she doesn't really like me, has recently joined us here on LiveJournal. Her name is Laura, and she's an absolute sweety, although she likes to hide that behind an occasional gruff exterior. She's on LJ as Chase.

She'll prolly hate me for posting this, of course, and she prolly won't post many entries anyway, or so she's said. Either way, she's really cool. In fact, the only way she could be any cooler is if she didn't shoot me down repeatedly when I hit on her. Although, even that is somewhat entertaining, I suppose. ;-)

If yer reading this, Hiya GrumpyButt. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Sexy stats.

I heard some amusing statistics on MTV the other day, when I was flipping through channels. They claimed to have recently conducted a survey in which they found out that:
The average man masturbates once every seven days.
The average woman masturbates once every nine days.
Now, what's really funny, is I told a couple friends in the other room about it when I heard these.

One friend asked, "Did they include married people, and people with significant others in that survey? I would have guessed the numbers to be two or three times that."

The other friend puffed out his chest and looked smug, then said, "You know, there's something damn cool about being Above Average."

Anyone have a different opinion on those stats?

How does your...erm...experience...stack up against the 'average'? ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Visual considerations.

I'm thinking about getting myself a digital camera, once my finances are secure again (read: Once I've gotten a new job). I've always thought they'd be really neat, and it looks like some of the nice ones that were top of the line a year ago are becoming reasonably priced.

Right now, I'm looking primarily at the Kodak DC280 which has gotten consistently good reviews everywhere I've looked. I've also seen it named a top choice for "bang for your buck" considerations, too.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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