Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

Help Stop the Induce Act: Call Congress Tomorrow

I encourage everyone to check this out, sign up, and help out.
On Tuesday, September 14, thousands of people will ask Congress to throw out the Induce Act, a bill that poses a dire threat to the future of innovation in America. Sign up here to add your voice:

The Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (S.2560) would extend copyright liability to companies that "induce" copyright infringement. This profound change in the law would make it nearly impossible for a company to bring innovative new technologies to the market. Under the threat of entertainment industry lawsuits based on the Induce Act, technology companies would be forced to first ask permission from Hollywood and the record labels. If the entertainment industry had this kind of veto power in the past, it's likely that technologies like the VCR, iPod, and CD burners would never have seen the light of day. That's why we need you to speak out against the Induce Act:

Our friends at Downhill Battle are coordinating the calls at, a site that gives you the information you need to make a quick, easy call to Congress. also provides background on why the Induce Act is so misguided, including an overview of the Supreme Court's decision in the famous Sony Betamax case, which established that the maker of a technology cannot be held liable for copyright violations by users as long as the technology has substantial non-infringing uses. This "Betamax doctrine" spurred two decades of unprecedented technological innovation - and enormous profits for the very companies that ironically want to reverse it with the Induce Act.

Make sure Congress knows you don't support the Induce Act - sign up to call Congress at Thanks for your support.


Ren Bucholz
EFF Activism Coordinator

You know, it's stuff like this that almost makes me think all public offices should have a term limit of a single term, simply because it would make buying politicians campaign contributions more difficult.

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