Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

Father of the Pride.

Okay, this show freakin' rocks.

I was just flipping through channels, and Father of the Pride came on.

And I have to say, it was very good. Like Shrek (this is made by the same people who did Shrek), this show seems intended more for adults and older children, than it is for kids (in other words, it's not dumbed down kiddie entertainment).

It stars John Goodman, and others, doing voices. I didn't catch the credits, so I'm not positive, but it sounded like Andy Richter and Lisa Kudrow playing the two pandas (since they weren't mentioned during the little after show "making of", I'm thinking they're guest stars).

If you didn't catch it tonight, I strongly urge watching it next week. It's one of the better shows I've seen in quite some time.
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