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Printer woes.


I ordered my ML-2550 printer, from Today, I received a Samsung ML-2250 from them. Which has a slower CPU, half the RAM, no PostScript support (one of my top concerns), etc. Basically, not what I wanted, or ordered.


I've also noticed that the price on their website has changed on the ML-2550, to nearly double what it was when I placed my order. I sent them an e-mail asking how we can fix this, and if I don't get a favorable response in a day or so, I'll call them.

I'm very curious as to what they'll do at this point, if they'll claim it was a technical error, and send me the correct one, or if they'll claim that the price listed was wrong, and not honor it. They do have a statement on their website that prices may change, and that they may not honor prices listed, but, they also state clearly that they reserve the right to refuse to honor a price within two days from the time of purchase. Which is well past on my order.

I also wonder if they're going to try to make me pay for the return shipping on their screw up. I'll be very annoyed if they do.

Well, I have to say, they really know how to kill the excitement of a new toy. ;-/
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