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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

New favorite Olympic sport.

So, Sunday evening I was working at The Hanger (airport bar), and the manager was watching the Olympics. It was slow, so I was hanging out and watching it, too.

And then it happened. I discovered a new favorite Olympic sport to watch.

Women's Beach Volleyball.

Wow. First of all, these girls are hot. I swear, half of them could be models. Secondly, they're wearing very nice (read: skimpy) outfits, with the bikini tops, and the speedo-style bottoms. Very slick. And lastly, as if that wasn't enough, those girls are pretty amazing athletes.

I mean, being in the olympics, I expected them to be good. Obviously. You don't play in the Olympics if you aren't. But I was amazed at just how quick and agile those girls are.


You forgot to mention that because teams communicate by behind-the-back hand-signals, this gives the telecast director frequent excuses to perform lingering close-ups of competitors' arses.

Good point!

And when you add that to what clevergirl mentioned, you've really got a great sport.
On second thought, they've changed the slideshow since yesterday. Now the "Next" link goes to a picture of the world's hairiest man.

Still working!

I just tried it, and the link seems to be working again!

Long live scantily clad girls hugging and groping each other!


Now that is a nice link.

Thanks for the update!

(And, for those who haven't seen it yet. . .)
Women's Beach Volleyball
And apologies to the US team, who I am sure are great professional athletes, but "Misty May" had got to be a porn name.

(Apparently, her previous volleyball partner was... Holly McPeak. I kid you not.)


Wow. You're right. I'd never realized just how porn-like those names are.