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Your e-mail message was blocked

I just got an e-mail stating the following:
MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has
stopped the following e-mail for one of the following reasons:

* It contains offensive or explicit language
* It contains inappropriate material.

Message: B00057b68d.00000001.mml

Now, this looks to be in response to some sort of attempted spam (probably originating from some zombie/trojaned Windows machine). As you can see from the headers it came from a bounce.

But just the idea of blocking an e-mail based on 'offensive or explicit language' is almost scary. Especially without knowing how sensitive it is. Imagine if you're a business. . . how would you feel if you weren't receiving e-mails from customers or clients because they let slip a swear word, and some e-mail 'content monitoring gateway' decided that it was inappropriate?

I'd be seriously pissed. Now, if you want to run something like that and use it to shuffle 'questionable' e-mails to a separate folder, that's cool. But bouncing an e-mail?

Messed up.
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