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Work and Play...

Well, a couple weeks ago I quite my job of three and a half years. There were a lot of reasons for my leaving, but it boils down to the fact that I didn't like my job, and my boss wasn't a very good boss.

My job was doing the computer side of cable modem installations. Sounds 'exciting' right? I was the guy who went to customer's sites, installed network cards and software, setup the modem, tested everything, and provided a basic introduction to the world of cable modems.

I actually enjoyed my job, when I started it. It was interesting, challenging, and I learned a lot, especially during the first six months or so. It grew boring rapidly after that, however.

My boss wasn't a good manager, either. In a strictly technical sense, he was prolly one of the more intelligent people I've met. He was very skilled, and very experienced. Unfortunately, technical expertise doesn't always map into managerial expertise. He was quite likely the worst manager I've ever worked under. He had no concept of time management, organization, or communication. I cant count the number of times I did parts of his job just so I could get mine done without having to deal with his problems.

To make a long story short, while I would have no problem working with him in the future, I will never work under him again.

Amazingly, I actually got a job interview somewhere else the very day I quit. Unfortunately, I got screwed over on it, due to a filing mistake. My resume was misplaced by the person in charge of it, so it wasn't given to the interviewer in time for me to be considered. What really annoys me about the situation, is that I know the guy who got the job. And I am more qualified than him, both on paper, and in what I can actually do. So I most likely could have had that job, if one guy hadn't made a mistake.

So it goes.

On the bright side, I've got another interview Friday, and it looks fairly promising. I e-mailed my resume in response to a job posting, and got a reply asking me to come in and talk to them a few hours later. (Anyone who's living in Omaha, if you're seeking a job, is the place to go.

I'll update here after the interview, to let everyone know how it goes. (Yeah, all what, none of you who are actually reading this? It's almost funny.)

In the realms of play, I fear my life is even more dismal. I've spent so much time working the past few years, I've spent very little of it at play, and my love life has suffered immensely for it. I do hope to change that in the near future, however. Either way, I make a rather pathetic Sex Goddess at the moment.

I do find it ironic that in quitting my job, I managed to increase my free time by an order of magnitude, while reducing my options of how to spend it by reducing my incoming cash flow.

I suppose I always knew that God had a sense of humor. While a simple nod of agreement from the Big Guy would have been fine, I guess I have to take what I get.

I won't say more on God right now. I'm sure I'll manage to offend someone, or everyone, when I do get around to it, and I don't feel like starting that now. Suffice to say that I do believe in God, but I don't really follow any orthodox religion. I believe in my own thoughts, my own ideas, and my own interpretations.

If you've read to the end of this, you've prolly noticed that I've said quite a bit. I'm a fast typist, so I often just let my train of thought go, and type as it is. If you don't like reading long entries, you might want to skip mine. They won't always be this long, or even regularly, most likely. But it prolly won't be uncommon, if I continue to post entries.
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