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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Fountain pens. [Updated]

Some of you might be aware that I'm something of a pen aficionado. Particularly fountain pens. I love 'em. I love the look, I love the style, and I love how smoothly they write. (You know, fountain pens? The things that evolved from quills? Like the little icon that most LiveJournal clients use? Yeah, that's the one. ;-)

I also love sharing my interest with others.

So, if you've ever had a desire to try out a nice fountain pen, now is a really good time. Levenger currently has two models on a *really* good sale. The first is the Levenger LS3, which normally runs for $50, and is currently on sale for $10. The second is the Parker Insignia Wave, which normally retails at $75, and is currently on sale for $20.

I personally own both of these pens, and can vouch for how good the quality is. I love 'em both. ;-)

So, if you've ever thought about trying out a quality fountain pen (and trust me, quality counts for a lot. . . those cheap little $5 pens you see at office supply stores are junk, and write like crap), this is the best shot I've seen.

Long live Fountain Pens! ;-)

[Update: For anyone interested, I posted a more thorough comparison of the pens in the comments here.]


Interesting comments and reviews.

If you have small writing, you might want to look into the Sheaffer extra-fine nibs. I use the extra-fine almost exclusively; right now, my pens of choice are a Sheaffer Legacy Heritage (a birthday gift) and a vintage Sheaffer with a #33 nib. They're both on the stiff side, but give a beautiful fine line. (And if you like the Sheaffer Preludes, you can buy the extra-fine nibs at the website.)

It's so cool to wander in LJ-land and find other folks who share my pen fetish. (The one in the picture is a Waterman Hemisphere with a fine nib, which is not bad, but heavier than I use for anything but signatures most of the time.)

Fountain pens and fine lines.

Hrm. . .

I do tend to write small, so I'll have to check into the Shaeffer Extra-Fine nibs. A friend of mine recently suggested I look into some Japanese-made fountain pens also, as they apparently tend to be somewhat finer nibbed than most of the rest of the world.

Now if I can find a decent one cheap. . . ;-)