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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Fountain pens. [Updated]

Some of you might be aware that I'm something of a pen aficionado. Particularly fountain pens. I love 'em. I love the look, I love the style, and I love how smoothly they write. (You know, fountain pens? The things that evolved from quills? Like the little icon that most LiveJournal clients use? Yeah, that's the one. ;-)

I also love sharing my interest with others.

So, if you've ever had a desire to try out a nice fountain pen, now is a really good time. Levenger currently has two models on a *really* good sale. The first is the Levenger LS3, which normally runs for $50, and is currently on sale for $10. The second is the Parker Insignia Wave, which normally retails at $75, and is currently on sale for $20.

I personally own both of these pens, and can vouch for how good the quality is. I love 'em both. ;-)

So, if you've ever thought about trying out a quality fountain pen (and trust me, quality counts for a lot. . . those cheap little $5 pens you see at office supply stores are junk, and write like crap), this is the best shot I've seen.

Long live Fountain Pens! ;-)

[Update: For anyone interested, I posted a more thorough comparison of the pens in the comments here.]


I've never owned an Insignia, but read a bad review about it here Have you ever had any problems with it? I have heard somewhere that where Parker pens are made, there is a law that you must make the cap with a venthole which will permit breathing when choked on. God knows if that's true. But it would explain some drying problems people talk about on pen forums and such. :)

Parker pens.

This is currently the only Parker pen that I own, but I've had absolutely no problems with it. It's been a very good pen to me.

As for a venthole, if there is one, I can't find it. Even holding the cap up to a light and looking through it doesn't show anything unusual.

Re: Parker pens.

It's all good -- I am soon to find out on my own. :) Plus, you can't go wrong for $20! lol

Anyhow, I am not sure if my order for the Lavenger went through. When I ordered, it spat back a, "Available in 99/99/99" message. But I ordered anyway. :) For that price, I wouldn't even mind getting a display.

Man, how deals like that sell like hot cakes.

Re: Parker pens.

I especially love when you can find decent pens for such a good price, because it's such a great way to get other people interested in fountain pens.

I can't count the number of times that someone I know has seen me writing with a fountain pen, and become very interested in it. They're one of those things that everyone has heard of, or seen, but very few people have really used.

The only big turn-off for most people is their high price. When you can find something like this, where people who are curious can get a decent pen for $10 or $20, it's so much easier for them to give it a try. And I'm sure you know as well as I do, once you get someone started, they get hooked. ;-)

Re: Parker pens.

Oh man, people from my age group always ridicule me for liking fountain pens. I've had my little hobby described as strange, crazy, "prissy"... all sorts of things. Or maybe that comes with the college pre-med bunch, since almost everything besides studying becomes trivial. It's really sad... how people can't open their minds to other things. When my friends heard I was doing exercise kickboxing (Tae Bo) and when I said I was seriously going to learn Japanese, they all laughed at me, saying it was stupid. But hey -- I lost 60 lbs. and I can hold up a short conversation in Japanese -- all within a year, so ... forget them, right?

...Geez, I digress.

Re: Parker pens.

Hrm. . . perhaps it's just different expectations? I dare say that most of my friends already think I'm a little loopy, so little thing like pens and such barely warrant a second glance. ;-)

Or, maybe it's because I have a lot of friends who are geeks and such. . . I dunno. ;-)

Re: Parker pens.

By the way, I have a question for you. How thick is the medium line on the LS3? Would you say it leans on a broader line, finer or pretty much like any other medium?

Just wondering, since it looks like a huge pen and I am contemplating whether or not I should have gotten the medium instead of the fine point.

Re: Parker pens.

Hrm. . . I would say that the LS3's medium is perhaps a touch on the broad side, though not unpleasantly so.

I actually really like the fine nib on the LS3, as it's thin enough for me to write reasonably small and compact, but at the same time it's a little bit thicker than most of my fine points, so it's a little more expressive.