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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

I should have known. . .

Me and a group of friends go out to a restaurant almost every Thursday night. It's become a tradition. The restaurant is called Senior Matia's, and the reason we go there is because they do a special on tacos and margaritas after 9pm (it actually runs Monday through Thursday, but we've always gone on Thursdays). After 9pm, they're only $1.49 each (they used to be $1.39, and before that even cheaper (I remember back like 5 years ago, when they were only $0.99)) and they are well worth it. Pitchers of margarita are only like $6.

And they are *very* good tacos. Some of the best I've had.

So, anyway. . . there's a waitress there named Gen that I've had an interest in for some time. She's quite cute, very friendly, and very cool. Even when she isn't our server, she makes a point to come over and say "hi", and I make it a point to go over and talk to her.

Tonight, I was talking to her, and she gave me her phone number. Awesome right?

Except she also informed me that she'll be moving in a month. . . to Wisconsin.


I should have known. It was all looking too sweet to actually work out, for a minute there.

Oh, well.



There's no harm in trying to pursue, anyway. To be honest, if you and her were able to find some good chemistry over the next month... the distance may actually serve as a positive rather than a negative. It tends to stregnthen relationships, by making people honestly get to know the other person inside out.

If it were to work out and looked like a permanent relationship... well, the distance thing has a way of working itself out (of the equation).

*shrug* just my two cents.