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Old friends...

Well, tonight is shaping up fairly decently.

I just got a call from one of my best friends, Sarah Orley, who goes to school 3 hours away, and who I very rarely see anymore. She's in town for Thanksgiving now, and we might go out and do something later on. If not, we'll prolly hit Subway tomorrow.

She's a total sweetheart, and truly one of my best friends. I'm gonna try to get her to join LiveJournal when I talk to her, too. ;-)

I figure, since I hardly see her, it'd be a good way for us to keep in touch. And, especially if I get that IBM Internship, I'll be in New York for 5 months, so I definitely won't see her much then...or anyone else. Come to think of it, I might go ahead and try to get most of my friends signed up on LiveJournal soon.
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