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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Why do people still do it?

We've been seeing these annoying e-mail worms for a few years now, and almost everyone who uses a computer knows that you should never open or view an attachment unless you are 100% positive that it is a valid thing sent from someone you personally know.

So why am I getting dozens, and even hundreds, of annoying spam/worm bounces every day?

Since everyone knows that clicking on an unknown attachment is sheer stupidity, why in the world do they keep on doing it?!?

There are more and more days when I just want to unplug my computers from the internet, and say, "Screw it all".


I actually had to setup a filter the other day just for that purpose alone - I was getting swamped with worms that were going to lists I was on, which of course is just a multiplier effect.

Any more I'm not at all averse to the concept of banning attachments entirely from e-mail protocol and just forcing people to learn how to use FTP again. Seriously, if you want to send an attachment, just send a link to the file on a webserver.

E-Mail attachments.

I completely agree.

I'm the postmaster for an IRC network (SorceryNet), and a couple of years ago, I attempted to ban at least certain attachments from mailing list e-mails.

Despite the fact that I had hard data showing that the impact on the mailing lists would be a grand total of 3 missed e-mails across 6 lists, over the past 4 years (and of the three, 2 of them should never have gone to the list, and the third was a MS Word doc that should have been a text file) I was shot down and forced to not make the changes.

This time, I've reached my limit. I'm going through now and severely limiting the types of attachments that are to be allowed through the list. About the only things that will be approved are text attachments and signatures (PGP/GPG).

And I'm very seriously considering implementing the same setup for my home e-mail.
Rule No 1: People are stupid.

Stupid people. . .

Yeah, but why do they have to be so stupid? ;-/

Re: Stupid people. . .

'cause then we'd have to raise the bar, and that would be smart. So they're stupid, and lower the bar. They know no better.

Outlook crapiness.

Yeah, you're right.

It's not just stupid people that are the problem, it's stupid people and stupid microsoft security practices.

I'm wondering if we should start being more blunt when educating people, in order to reduce the stupidity. If, every time we hear someone moaning and complaining about the spam they're receiving, we tell them that they are in large part responsible for the spam, because a lot of it is sent via worms and trojans and such, then maybe they'll get the point. I think most people don't understand the correlation with clicking on worm attachments, and the huge spam contribution it leads to.

It's enough to make me wish more companies would return to Lotus Notes, though. . . and having spent time working at IBM on Lotus Notes development projects, it takes a *lot* for me to say that.


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Erm. . .

Well, first of all, this comment really doesn't belong here.

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