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Your Trekkie Communicator is Ready

This is too cool. ;-)

A company called Vocera Communications has created a working implementation of the communicators that are seen on Star Trek.

It's actually a rather slick setup, too. You wear a little badge, not unlike those seen on Star Trek. Each badge has a Digital Signal Processor (for sound processing) and a WiFi chip. When you press a button on it, it activates the badge. You then speak the name of the person that you wish to talk to. A central server processes your speech to determine who you want to talk to, then activates their badge and sets up a wireless VoIP (Voice over IP (Internet Protocol)) connection between the two badges.

Apparently their biggest customers are currently in health care, which makes sense. This could (literally) be a lifesaver for nurses and doctors trying to quickly locate or contact one another.

I really want one, though. ;-)
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