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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Job frustrations.

I applied for a job a few days ago, and got a call back today. I'll likely be interviewing for it in a few days. It's a job in the computer field, again, which I *really* want to get back to.

And I'm almost positive that I'll get offered the job, as I'm well (over) qualified for it, and the lady I talked to a few moments ago seemed fairly impressed. The only problem with it, is that it'd be a pay cut from what I'm making right now. Bartending with some freelance computer consulting on the side can pay surprisingly well.

If I take the job, I'll be taking an initial pay cut of about $5 an hour. After 90 days, I'd receive a $2 an hour increase in pay, so then it'll be a pay cut of $3 an hour. I won't starve or anything if I take it, but I really don't want to take a pay cut, and particularly not that big of one.

I wonder how they'd feel if I ask a lot of questions about possible job advancement, and what kind of opportunities there are beyond the job I'm applying for? I don't want to give them the impression that I'm just taking this job while I look for something else, but at the same time, I don't want to take that big of a pay cut for an extended period of time, either. If I can look forward to a reasonable possibility of advancement within 6-8 months from within the company, I'd be more than happy to take it, though.


What if you were to continue doing consultation on the side, and stopped bartending all together, would that make up the difference?

If so.. maybe you shoot for the job.

In my opinion, it's good to give the employer an aggressive impression--one which shows the want to advance--that was actually one of the main factors I looked for when hiring.

And even if there isn't much room for advancement, being in the field while looking for something that fits your qualifications usually gives you an advantage over competition, and thus makes it easier for you in the long run.
You get paid hourly for non-consulting computer work? That's basically unheard of here. Wish I got paid hourly, I'd practically double my salary. ;)


Well. . . that's a good point, actually. I never did actually ask if this job was salary, or hourly. ;-)

I just went by what she quoted as the wage.

Remember, though, that a lot of the 'lower level' techie jobs are payed hourly, and unfortunately, that's what this one is. The question is, do I take the low-paying just-barely-above-entry-level-job now, or wait and hope for the better-job-that-I-should-be-working-at to come along (assuming I can get it when I do find it. . . competition is unreal around here).


Honestly even most "lower level" technie jobs are salaried in NYC, at least from my experience. My very first job I was making salary... all of $28k a year.

and my name is spelled Bentley ;-)

Yeah, I hear ya :)

I've been a bartender for the last 2+ years, while going to college during the day. OK, that was until this last year, when 90% of the classes I needed to complete my degree track were only offered at night :)

Funny thing is, although I have no intentions of being a bartender *forever* (let's face it, after a certain age it looks just plain SILLY for a woman), right now I'm enjoying it. My plan is to be self-employed after I graduate, so I'll most likely continue bartending part time for the benefits for a while, until my business is established.

The thing is....I know people who would absolutely HATE to do what I do. Ummmm...*both* of what I do (bartending and web design). So I guess what it comes down to is...do you enjoy bartending, or are you just there for the money? If your heart and soul is in the computer industry, then maybe the money won't be an issue (although I would try to negotiate more money upfront with this company...but that's me). I happen to enjoy both...so I'll do both. For now, anyway :)

Best of luck at the interview!!!