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Workout progress.

So far, my workout and diet progress are going great. I've had very little trouble sticking to my diet, and my workouts have been very productive.

I'm finally getting to that point where the post-workout soreness is more of a "my muscles have that nice warm tiredness/soreness from a good workout", as opposed to the "my muscles are telling me that my arms are going to fall off because they're not supposed hurt like that".

The one bad thing so far, is that I've got a sore shoulder. It stems from my workout on Saturday. I decided, in a moment of (in hindsight) pure stupidity, to do power cleans. It seemed like a good idea at first, as power cleans used to be one of my favorite exercises. Unfortunately, I realized only after straining my shoulder that power cleans are a very difficult and complex exercise, and should be performed by more advanced lifters. Someone who used to work out, but hasn't been in the gym in over three years, is *not* someone who should be doing them. I really should have taken things slower, and rebuilt a better muscle base, before diving into exercises like this.

What worries me the most is that the pain in my shoulder doesn't feel like a muscle pull/sprain as much as a pain in the joint. And shoulders are notoriously easy to injure. It didn't really bother me on Tuesday, when I worked out (I was being particularly careful to try not to strain my shoulder in the ways that it felt sore), but it's increasingly painful since then.

I've just slathered on a thick layer of Icy Hot, so hopefully that will help a little bit. I'm scheduled to work out again tomorrow, and I'm thinking I might have to adjust my exercise plan a little bit, to take into account my shoulder, and make sure I don't aggravate it any further.
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