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A comparison of programming languages.

C is a weakly typed language. It will happily place the rope around your neck for you, if you want to hang yourself, but it will also be more flexible than most others.

C++ is a little stricter, it will take the rope, put it in a locked drawer, then put the key in your pocket for you.

Perl, is a language where you will never know if you're doing something the 'right way' because there are always at least three dozen alternate ways to do what you're doing, and no one knows which is best. Your rope will end up with a lot of unusual knots, and you won't be able to untangle it.

Lisp (including Scheme) will turn your brain into boiling mush while you're trying to learn it (and give you a head smashed into brick wall, repeatedly, type headache), and become one of the most flexible and powerful languages ever created once you've demushed your brain. It will tell you that it's given you a piece of rope, but you can't actually see the rope, and the rope is defined recursively in terms of itself, with your hanging defined recursively in terms of that.

Then you have Pascal. Pascal is a strict language. It will take the rope, lock it in the drawer, and won't give you the key.

There's also Ada. Ada is the iron clad bitch language, which won't even acknowledge the existence of the rope. ;-)
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