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Issues with PGP/GPG signed e-mail posts?

Is anyone else having issues with posting via PGP/GPG signed e-mails?

I just tried to post, using the same GPG key that I've always used, and got an error:
There was an error during your email posting:

PGP signature found to be invalid.

I haven't changed my key (which has been listed with LJ for a couple of months now), and when I view the sent e-mail, I see:
gpg: Signature made Wed Feb 4 03:04:51 2004 CST using DSA key ID DDF66446
gpg: Good signature from "Christopher P. Cashell <>"

Am I alone in my problems here? Or did I miss a notice of a problem that might be occurring with the e-mail gateway?

Update: I may have figured out what is going wrong. . . my LJ mail alias is It's been that forever. And it's always worked with that, before. While checking to make sure nothing on LJ's side had changed, I reviewed the e-mail posting information, and noted that it said to use When I changed the 'pgp' to 'PGP', the post went through. Bleh. Brad, if you ever chance to see this post of mine here, and the problem really is because of 'pgp' vs. 'PGP', can we change the e-mail gateway to allow for either one? Or, if not, perhaps a more useful error message for 'pgp' telling people to use 'PGP'?
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