Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

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The pain. . .

I worked out today.


For the first time in. . . way too long.

I needed it, though. I've really let myself get into sad shape, and it's time to kick my butt back to where I should be.

For anyone who's interested, I'll be following The T-Dawg Diet Version 2.0 from T-Mag ( As for exercise, I'll start by doing full body weight lifting workouts, three times a week, for the first four to six weeks (Depending on progress and recovery). I'll be supplementing that with about 10-15 minutes of bodyweight exercises every morning shortly after waking up, and 15 minutes of steep incline walking immediately following each weight workout.

What really annoys me is that I *used* to be in very good shape. Not only that, but even since I stopped working out, I've still kept reading and learning about exercise and nutrition, so I know better, and *still* haven't done a good job of staying in shape. Ugh.

It's time to make myself pay for that, now.
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