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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Video Card dying?

I think the video card in one of my machines is dying. Over the past few days, the monitor has taken on a remarkably greenish/blue hue. Initially, I figured that the monitor was going, but I discoverd a little bit a go that when I plug it into a different computer, it looks fine.

Now I need to find myself a cheap, but not entirely crappy video card. Spending more money on things I didn't plan on spending it on doesn't excite me much.

Update: I've just discovered something even more annoying. . . the color shift makes blue on a black background literally impossible to see. It's completely non-visible. Ugh.


This may sound like a trivial question, but does your card require a DVI-to-VGA adaptor (or anything else like this)?

When I managed to mangle my own, it gave me a jaundiced look, namely because I was missing one or so connections - so it sounds like either one of the pins on the video card is dead (ie, dying video card) or somehow, it's just not making the connection (ie, bad adaptor?) Does the video card give you the same defect on different monitors?

Dying video adaptor.

Well, the video adapter doesn't require anything special at all. . . it's actually an onboard adapter on the mobo for this machine.

It actually just today hit the 'constant teal tint' effect that it's doing. For the past week, it's been very rarely flashing with odd color tinting, but never for a few more minutes. As I said, I really thought it was the monitor.

It wasn't until today, when I had to plug that monitor into a normally headless machine for some diagnostic work that I realized that the monitor was showing "normal" color on that box.

I haven't yet tried it with other monitors, but that's a good idea. I'll give that a shot tomorrow, and see if it happens there, too.