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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Nintendo Power and Zelda!

I just ordered a subscription to Nintendo Power.

I couldn't help myself. They're doing a special promotion right now,
where if you buy a Gamecube (which I have), or at least two of a select
list of games (of which I'm not interested), or subscribe to Nintendo
Power (which I can deal with), you get a free gift.

The gift includes the Original Zelda game, Zelda II, Zelda: Ocarina of
Time, and Zelda: Majora's Mask.

I can't help it. I had to have them. ;-)


Damn, now I really need to get a GameCube... Grr.

Gamecube. . .

Now's the time. ;-)

$99, and it comes with the Zelda bonus disk. ;-)

That, and I'll tell you, there are a *lot* of really good games available for under $20 right now. Heck, Eternal Darkness would be enough for me (it can be found for $15 at some places). That game rocks. ;-)

Re: Gamecube. . .

crap on zat! I already have one >.>

*taps ze chin* Will a proof of purchase cut it? :d I ask you, being faaaaar too lazy too check for myself.

*taps ze chin s'more* Hrm.. actually, I'll go an' check now. *sidles toward ze link, givin' laziness the finger for once*
Awesome! I'd heard about this. I've been waiting for more information. I actually just went and subscribed again after reading that.

Actually, I have a Nintendo username, and it actually matched my name and address from my old subscription. From 1990! :P Was very intersting. When I saw that (about a year ago), I almost resubscribed again--looks like they held my membership number for me. Damn Nintendo and their nostalgia! ;)
Do you have the list of eligible games? I'm getting a 404 when I try to see them.

More Zelda goodness!
Ah, found it - and it looks like it's all Mario crap anyway. I guess I don't really need Nintendo Power either.

On the plus side, the last Zelda promotional discs are starting to show up in EB's used game bins, so maybe these will too. Fingers crossed.


Yeah. . .

Honestly, I'm looking at it more along the lines of, "I'm buying this Zelda disk, and I'm getting Nintendo Power as a bonus item, which I don't know that I'll ever read, but oh, well, it's there if I want to." ;-)

I have no doubt that before too long the promo disk will start showing up used, like you mention. Heck, it'll prolly be available on eBay within a few weeks. ;-)

Re: Zelda.

Ack. That's a compelling justification, especially as I wouldn't actively resent reading Nintendo Power on a fairly-regular basis. And if I plan to buy the Zelda disc anyway....

NO! NO! You are making it very hard for me to maintain my resolve in the face of temptation!! ;-)