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Job news.

I got an e-mail from Ted Plugge, the guy at my University who set up the IBM Coop/Internship interviews, today. For reference, Saran Bommakanti is the gentleman from IBM who was interviewing us. Here is the contents of it:

Greetings, Saran Bommakanti was impressed with your interview and has requested an electronic copy of your resume. Please send it to me ASAP andI will forward it to Saran. Thanks and call if you have questions.

Ted Plugge
Coordinator, Career Resource Center
The Peter Kiewit Institute, University of Nebraska

Now, I'm feeling really good about this, although, I'm trying not to read too much into it. I know that my resume isn't the only one that was requested again, so I haven't gotten the position yet, or anything. However, I also haven't been ruled out yet, either, so there's still hope. ;-)

It also might help that of the three opened positions, I stated an interest in two of them, which might give me a better chance of getting one of them, even if it isn't my first choice.

Hopefully I'll hear back from them within a few days, and I'll post an update then.
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