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For anyone out there who is interested in working out, weight training, exercise, all that fun stuff, this is for you. I created a basic "recommended reading" of article listings for T-Mag ( This is one of the *best* available sources of information on these topics.

I made this up partly for my own reference, and partly for a friend of mine who is really into working out, but has never read T-Mag.

(I'm also using this as a test to see what happens when you send an e-mail with a (text) attachment to LJ's e-mail gateway.)

My Big Fat Training Program Guide, Part I and Part II
by Chris Shugart

These two articles are basically a guide to training guides. They go through the past training guide articles that have been published on and provide descriptions, information, and links to the training guides.

ATOMIC DOG: T-Man Ethics and General Rules for Livin'
by TC

This article is just fun. It's a list of "rules" and "suggestions" for living an "ethical" life. Amuse yourself.

Bad Protein: A Testosterone consumer report
by TC

The Evils of Soy
by Cy Willson

Soy is Still Bad Protein
by Glen Neilson

These three articles are grouped together due to their similar content. They discuss the fact that Soy Protein is a Very Bad Protein (tm). It is estrogenic, can lower testosterone count, and can even kill testicular cells. A summary is that infants should not be fed soy-based formula, men should avoid soy products until additional research is done on it's effect on testosterone and testicular function, and all weight-training individuals who hope to make any gains at all should avoid it like a plague.

Dawg School: Basic training for beginners
by Chris Shugart

This article outlines an introductory training session, including some basic nutrition information, oriented towards someone who is just starting out. A handy refernce for friends who are starting to work out, as most of the material on is geared towards intermediate and advanced weight trainers.

The Essential Berardi: A stripped down overview of JB's dietary wisdom
by Chris Shugart

This article is something of a guide to John Berardi's nutrition information. It includes information and links to a number of Berardi's previous articles on workout nutrition.

How to Build a T-Vixen
by Sandy Bohlken

This is an interesting article that covers how to get your girlfriend into working out with you, written from a female's perspective.

The T-Dawg Diet: Version 2.0
by Chris Shugart and TC

This article provides a great basis for developing a workout meal and nutrition plan. This is an evolution over the T-Dawg Diet version 1.0 that was previously published.

The End of Dietary Supplements: An Interview with Attorney Rick Collins
by Chris Shugart

This is a really good article for anyone interested in sports/dietary suplements. It details some of the things that lawmakers are currently doing to try to ban or restrict a number of suplements based on publicity rather than facts.

Covering Your Nutritional Acids (and Bases)
by John M Berardi

This is an interesting article with some very unusual ideas regarding nutrition. Worth reading just to give you something to think about.

Dear Mom and Dad: A Letter To Parents Concerned About Their Teenager's Protein Intake
by John M Berardi

This is an article that discusses some of the effects a high protien diet can have, physiologically. Some doctors mistake these changes as being bad or unhealthy. The article provides a letter that can be shown to parents/friends/general practitioner doctors/etc who may initially be concerned.

Smart Answers to Tired Old Arguments: How to get through the day without killing the random doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer.
by Cy Willson

This is basically a listing of myths and "tired old arguments", along with infromation to debunk them. A lot of great information here to help with uninformed people who try to tell you "the way things are". (The bit regarding Ephedrine is especially nice, as instead of simply saying, "it's unsafe, and has contributed to X incidents", it puts things into perspective by comparing it to other drugs.)

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid. . .and foods that make you look nasty even while wearin' a parka!
by the editors

This article is basically a good listing of "good foods", "okay foods", and "bad foods". Most of this is fairly well known, but a few things might surprise people.

The Forbidden Fruit?
by Cy Willson

This article discusses fruit, and why you should eat it. A lot of people tend to lump fruit in with 'bad' and 'too high in carbs', and never eat them. Lots of claims that, "they're nothing but sugar!". Research seems to show that a moderate amount of fruit will not hurt you, and in fact is a Very Good Thing (tm).

Staying Power: How to use Strength-Endurance Training to be Stronger. . . Longer
by Matt Wiggins

This is an interesting article that discusses how a lot of people focus excessively training to increase their 1RM. It suggests that strength-endourance is a more useful goal for most people, and would provide greater benefits.

Frankenfood: Part One of the Just Suck It Up Series
by Lonnie Lowery

This is a great look at some common foods that are best avoided. Much of it is fairly well known to someone who works out regularly, but there's still some good information here.

21st Century Core Training
by Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S.

This is something that I feel is too often overlooked and neglected. It deals with strengthening mustcles of the "trunk" of your body, and way too many people miss these. There's some good general information here, as well as information on some of the muscles you should be targetting, and some exercises to hit them.

Update: Okay, so now we know. Attachments, even text ones, get ignored.

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