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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Sports Night

Those of you who have followed my journal for a while may have noticed that I'm a huge fan of a TV show that ran a few years ago, called Sports Night. It was written and created by Aaron Sorkin, the same guy who created and (initially) wrote The West Wing.

I consider Sports Night to be one of the best television shows that's ever been created, and I was seriously upset when it was cancelled after 3 seasons1. The acting was superb, the chemistry was amazing, and the writing was beyond compare. It quite simply has the best dialog I know of.

I was ecstatic when it was released on DVD. I immediately went through and watched every single episode. I then recently went back through and watched them all again.

And, last night, I introduced it to a group of friends. Four people, none of whom had ever really sat down and watched the show before. Originally, we were gonna watch the first few episodes, and then watch a movie. We ended up watching the entire first disk (eight episodes). And I had to almost fight to get the rest of them out the door with me, when I left.

So, despite Sports Night's death, it is still gaining fans.

For anyone who hasn't watched it, I strongly urge you to check it out. Be prepared, and give it your full attention, though. It's a fast paced show, with lighting dialog, and often subtle humor.

[1] HBO actually offered to buy it, with the desire of expanding it into a full hour TV show for their network, but Sorkin turned them down. He felt that he wouldn't have time to do justice to The West Wing and an expanded Sports Night, and with West Wing riding extremely high on popularity at that time, he went with that.


I loved Sports Night. I hope they bring it back at some point, it was really good, and I think on HBO it could be really successful.

Hmmmm. I'm feeling awfully tempted to buy it. Must... resist... (I've been totally screwing up with Netflix recently, I need to focus and start watching the movies they send me or just cancel the sub... it was great for a while but I've been so busy with Real Life that I've had no time to spend on watching movies at night. That, and the tv season started again, so I've been watching tv shows. Urg.)