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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

October 25th.

Happy Birthday to me.


Happy Birthday, hon. I really hope it's a great one! *hugs*

Birthday. . .

Thanks for the sentiment, Sweety. It's much appreciated. ;-)

This birthday looks to be an odd one.

In general, honestly, birthdays don't really do much for me. It's another day. It doesn't mean a whole lot. I've never made a big deal out of birthdays, and don't have much desire to do so this year.

There's something different this year, though. This birthday actually has me. . . not depressed, but somewhat melancholy.

It's not really the whole "getting older" thing. . . that doesn't really bother me much. I think it has more do with the past year, and a feeling of waste. I look back over the past year, and nothing happened. There was little of significance. I didn't really change or improve myself in any way. I didn't learn any special new skill. I didn't. . . grow. . . as a person, like I should have.

Looking back over most of my life, I can find certain things that happened during each year that provide a sort of 'landmark' showing that I've progressed. I don't see any this year, though.

I'm tired and rambling now. . . I'll try to sit down tomorrow and think through exactly what I'm feeling, and what I need to do to fix it. Perhaps I can be more coherent and understandable, then. ;-)

Re: Birthday. . .

May this year be more memorable -- in a good way -- than the last.
Happy birthday man!

We're going to have to do something (since I was out of town this last weekend!)