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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I've just found out that Trans-Siberian Orchestra has posted their tour schedule. I saw them two years ago, and it was quite likely the second best concert I've ever seen. And considering that I've seen over 50 artists live, that's saying quite a bit.

I strongly urge anyone reading this to see them. You will not be disappointed, I promise. Last year, a friend of mine who'd heard a few of their songs, but had never been much of a fan, got dragged to the show. The next day, he went out and bought all of their albums! ;-)

Here is the initial tour listing:

* 11/14: Youngstown, OH (Powers Auditorium)
* 11/15: Youngstown, OH (Powers Auditorium)
* 11/16: Akron, OH (EJ Thomas Theater) - 2 Shows
* 11/17: Akron, OH (EJ Thomas Theater)
* 11/18: Louisville, KY (Palace Theater)
* 11/19: Charleston, WV (Municipal Auditorium)
* 11/21: Buffalo, NY (Shea's PAC)
* 11/22: Erie, PA (Erie Civic Center)
* 11/23: Syracuse, NY (Landmark Theater)
* 11/24: Wheeling, WV (Capitol Theater)
* 11/25: Cincinnati, OH (Taft Theater)
* 11/26: Columbus, OH (Veteran's Auditorium)
* 11/28: Baltimore, MD (Mariner Arena)
* 11/29: Washington, DC (Patriot Center)
* 11/30: Greensboro, NC (War Memorial Auditorium)
* 12/01: Charlotte, NC (Blumenthal Perf Arts Center)
* 12/02: Columbia, SC (Township Auditorium)
* 12/04: Providence, RI (Civic Center)
* 12/05: Rochester, NY (Auditorium Theater)
* 12/06: Wallingford, CT (Oakdale Music Theater)-2 Shows
* 12/07: Boston, MA (Fleet Center)
* 12/09: New York, NY (Beacon Theater)
* 12/10: New York, NY (Beacon Theater)
* 12/11: Richmond, VA (Carpenter Center)
* 12/12: Hampton, VA (Hampton Rhodes Coliseum)
* 12/13: Wilkes-Barre, PA (Wachovia Arena)-2 Shows
* 12/14: Hershey, PA (Giant Center)- 2 Shows
* 12/16: Toronto, ON (Massey Hall)
* 12/17: Toledo, OH (Sports Arena)
* 12/18: Dayton, OH (Nutter Center)
* 12/19: Grand Rapids, MI (Van Andel Arena)
* 12/20: Detroit, MI (The Palace)
* 12/21: Cleveland, OH (CSU Convocation Center)
* 12/22: Cleveland, OH (CSU Convocation Center)
* 12/23: Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena Theatre)
* 12/26: Albany, NY (Pepsi Arena)
* 12/27: Camden, NJ (Tweeter Center)- 2 Shows
* 12/28: Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena)
* 12/29: Newark, NJ (Newark Performing Arts Center)- 2 Shows
* 12/30: Portland, ME (Cumberland Arena)


* 11/18: Des Moines, IA (Civic Center Theater)
* 11/19: Omaha, NE (Music Hall)
* 11/20: Wichita, KS (Kansas Coliseum)
* 11/21: Kansas City, KS (Memorial Auditorium)
* 11/22: Colorado Springs, CO (World Arena)
* 11/23: Denver, CO (Pepsi Arena)
* 11/25: Salt Lake City, UT (E-Center)
* 11/26: Nampa, ID (Idaho Center)
* 11/28: Spokane, WA (Opera House)
* 11/29: Portland, OR (Rose Garden)
* 11/30: Seattle, WA (Key Arena)
* 12/02: Sacramento, CA (ARCO Arena)
* 12/03: Cupertino, CA (Flint Performing Arts Center)
* 12/04: San Diego, CA (Cox Arena)
* 12/05: Los Angeles, CA (Universal Amphitheater)
* 12/06: Las Vegas, NV (Alladin Theater)
* 12/07: Phoenix, AZ (Dodge Theater)
* 12/09: El Paso, TX (Haskins Center UTEP)
* 12/10: Amarillo, TX (Civic Center)
* 12/11: Austin, TX (Erwin Center)
* 12/12: San Antonio, TX (SBC Center)
* 12/13: Dallas, TX (Next Stage Theater)- 2 Shows
* 12/14: Houston, TX (Houston Rockets Arena)
* 12/17: Moline, IL (Mark Of The Quad Cities)
* 12/18: Chicago, IL (Allstate Arena-Theater Set Up)
* 12/19: St. Louis, MO (Saviss Center)
* 12/20: Madison, WI (Alliant Energy Center)
* 12/21: Milwaukee, WI (Bradley Center)
* 12/22: Minneapolis, MN (Target Center)
* 12/23: Green Bay, WI (Resch Center)
* 12/26: Tampa, FL (St. Pete Arena)
* 12/27: Orlando, FL (Bob Carr Theater)- 2 Shows
* 12/28: Atlanta, GA (Gwinnet Center)
* 12/29: Nashville, TN (Ryman Auditorium)
* 12/30: Indianapolis, IN (Murat Theater)

Seriously, if you see them, it will be one of the best shows you see. And if you're worried that you won't like it because it's a "Christmas" show, let me assure you, you will still like it. It's not at all preachy, and you can thoroughly enjoy it regardless of religious philosophy.

Why are you still reading this? You should be checking to see when you're going to see them. ;-)


Thanks! I think I'll do that.

I never got to see Savatage in concert. :/
Man, if you go see Circle II Circle it will be just as good. I recently saw them live and they did some of their Savatage stuff. It was really sweet.

Don't give up on Sav!

Hey, Savatage is still together, too! Circle II Circle is just Zak Stevens's project, since he left Savatage.

No matter. Sav was around before Zak joined, and will go on after his departure, too. ;-)

I would like to hear his band sometime, though.

Do it, but it's also not too late.

Yes, you definitely want to see TSO. It's *not* to be missed.

You make it sound like you can't see Savatage, though, and you still can. Savatage is still together, and still playing. They take a little break during the Holiday season to do Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but that's all.

Zak Stevens left the band, and formed his own band, Circle II Circle, but Savatage was around for a long time before Zak joined the band, and they'll keep on going strong for a long time after his departure, I'm sure.

I will say that, while Savatage was without a doubt one of the best and most impressive small venue concerts I've seen, TSO blew them away. TSO had half the audience in tears at one point, and barely able to stay in their seats, at another. It was an emotional roller coaster of symphonic rock, and you won't regret it. ;-)
How much is it approximatly?

TSO Price. . .

I honestly don't know, and I expect it will vary somewhat by venue. I would guess it will probably be somewhere between $30-$50, on average, but it wouldn't surprise me much to see some slightly higher or lower priced tickets, too, depending on how good the seats are.

It's worth it, whatever the price, though. ;-)
The only Canuck show they're going is in Toronto, and I'm in Ottawa then.

Maybe more?

Keep your fingers crossed, and maybe they'll add more Canuckian dates, later. ;-)

Maybe more to come?

Keep hope. This is their initial tour listing, and they frequently add additional dates later.