Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

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The Lizard cometh...

I have to say, *wow*.

I'm playing with the latest Mozilla, M18, and I'm really impressed. It's fast, seems to be pretty stable so far, and it looks good. There is some very noticeable improvement over M17. At this rate, Mozilla will be the best browser around without a doubt when it's released. In fact, I'd already rate it comparable to Netscape, which means better than IE. ;-)

It'll be nice to have a browser with real CSS support, too. Well, a browser other than IE 5.5 for Mac OS, which is the only one that even implements a majority of the CSS spec reasonably well. (Yes, this is only on Mac OS. The Windows version is almost a step back from IE 5.0 in regards to standards support.)
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