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Good movie.

I just finished watching Frequency. I must say, it is a very good movie.

There were a few parts that I felt were a bit slow, but overall, I'm impressed. Especially towards the end, it really got good.

I also rented an early 1999 Christopher Lambert movie, called Beowulf, mostly just because I think Christopher Lambert rocks. ;-)

It's supposed to be something of a sorta modern/futuristic version of the classic tale. And, I bet the writer and director even think that their view of how Beowulf should be is good. Unfortunately, it's a bad movie. It's low budget, it's cheesy, and about the only thing worthwhile in it is Christopher Lambert. He does a decent job, although some parts of the dialog can't be saved. Oh, it also has the guy who played Mac on Night Court, for those of you who remember that classic comedy. ;-)

On the whole, you'd be better off either reading the story, or seeing one of Christopher Lambert's better movies. ;-)
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